New cars come with manufacturer warranties that protect you if the car develops a fault, but if you’re buying a used car you may be offered a warranty for peace of mind. Some used car dealers may offer their own warranties by default, others may charge for a warranty or encourage you to take out a specific third-party warranty, while newer second-hand cars may come with the remainder of a manufacturer warranty. The length and cover of the used car warranty varies enormously. We cannot recommend enough the need to read the terms and conditions of any used car warranty before purchasing. The reason for this is that each policy varies, some may be straightforward, but others may contain all sorts of exclusions that will stop you from making a claim if a specific fault develops on your car. Used car warranties do not normally cover ‘wear and tear’ items. Examples of such items include brake pads and discs, wiper blades, tyres, and other parts that wear over time as part of normal driving conditions. Also, most warranty terms and conditions will require you to get the car serviced in-line with manufacturer recommendations. At Prestige Vehicle Repairs, we undertake all types of warranty repairs and deal directly with war [...]

We have remained open throughout this difficult time as we know that your car could be your lifeline. Now that the government has advised to avoid using public transport, it is more important than ever that your vehicle is properly serviced and maintained.

Your car MOT due date may have been extended by 6 months, however you must still ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive and we can help you achieve this.

We are here for small – large maintenance/repairs and we also take on repairs that others have given up on, please do not hesitate to contact us as we have the knowledge and skills to help you.

If your car is serviced with us we can register the service of your BMW, Audi/VAG Mercedes or Range Rover on the online servicing platforms, therefore you do not have to pay main dealer prices to achieve this.

If you have a warranty on your car [...]

During this difficult time we understand that your car could be your lifeline and in the case of critical key workers it may mean that they have to use their vehicle to get to work.

We wish to reassure you that we are not closing our doors, we intend to stay open and we will ensure that we will get you back on the road.

For the time being we will be offering all critical key workers such as NHS staff, Police and Teachers 1/2 price labour charges on all work completed.

A pick up and drop off contactless service within a 10 mile radius will be offered to critical key workers and we will do our best to accommodate customers in need who will also require this service.

We have always prided ourselves on the cleanliness of our premises, but we have taken extra steps to create an even more hygienic and [...]

Within modern cars there are a growing number of various sensors that all have different functions.

The sensors are used to improve your vehicle’s performance and emissions, whilst also being able to notify you when a fault is detected in your vehicle.

However, when a sensor is faulty you may begin to notice numerous problems with your car.

If a sensor fails, you may be presented with a ‘check engine’ warning on your dashboard.

To diagnose where the problem lies, bring your car down to Prestige Vehicle Repairs and we can help resolve the problem and get it repaired as soon as possible.

Listed below, we have provided a few sensors that can fail in your car:

  • Parking sensors – if you have parking sensors on your vehicle and have recently started to notice a tone that lasts approximately 5 seconds when in reverse, it is highly probable that one of your sensors isn’t [...]

The timing belt plays an important role in the mechanics of your vehicle and if it fails it can cause a great extent of damage throughout your vehicle.

Its function is to keep the camshafts and crankshaft in sync with each other to ensure that the valves in the engine’s cylinder heads open and close at the correct time, enabling the engine to run smoothly.

Your engine will be either an ‘interference’ engine or a ‘non-interference’ engine and depending on which engine you have, a timing belt failure will affect it in different ways.

If you have an interference engine the space between the valves and pistons is very small. This makes a significant difference as a failed timing belt in an interference engine could cause a piston to hit an open valve and bend it.

The valves are crucial as these are what take in the fuel-air mixture for combustion and then vent out [...]

We all appreciate that we no longer have to waste time winding down our windows in the car as most cars now have electronically operated systems.

However, they can develop faults and when they fail it can be extremely frustrating.

Electric windows can become inoperative for various different reasons but here at Prestige Vehicle Repairs we can find the cause, rectify the issue and get you back on the road with a smile on your face and a breeze in your car!

Here are a few common causes of failed electric windows failure:

Within the system that operates the window there is a motor and this turns the regulator which in turn adjusts the window height. If either the motor or regulator fails then you will not be able to move the window up or down so you should get your car booked in for repair to enable the windows to function correctly.

The windows [...]

It’s something everyone should know how to do but unfortunately not everyone does.

Here we have provided you with a small step-by-step guide to changing a flat tyre on your car, helping you to be prepared for the situation.

First of all, if you are driving when the problem occurs then you should reduce your speed to prevent any more damage or danger. Find a safe place to pull over with a flat surface, away from the road and ensure that your hazard lights are switched on.

Once stationary, put the handbrake on, turn off the ignition and leave your car in gear or ‘park’ depending on your vehicle’s transmission.

You should also try to place a warning triangle behind your car to make oncoming drivers aware that you are there.

Heavy objects inside the vehicle should be removed to make the car weigh as little as possible as this will make the process of [...]

With the weather at an all-time high now is the best time to put the roof down in your convertible!

At Prestige Vehicle Repairs we have recently been receiving an increased number of phone calls regarding convertible roof faults and would like to help you to enjoy the hot weather as much as possible, so here we have provided some common issues that occur.

Here are a just few parts known to fail, causing roof problems with convertibles:

  • Microswitch
  • Roof control module
  • Sensors
  • Hydraulics
  • Roof motor

The Microswitch is a small switch that determines when the hydraulic pump should disengage and this then engages the latch mechanism.

If this switch fails then the roof will not be able to close or open completely.

The hydraulics can stop working if you don’t have enough hydraulic fluid, so if you need to have this fluid topped up why not book an appointment at Prestige?

There [...]

Filling your car with the wrong fuel occurs more often than you may think, in fact in the UK alone it is said to occur every 3 minutes!

Putting petrol into a diesel car is more common than putting diesel into a petrol car as most modern petrol cars have a filler neck that is smaller than the diesel nozzle, preventing you from making this mistake.

If you have the misfortune of filling your diesel car with petrol, you should leave the ignition off.

Failing to do this could cause a lot of damage to the components within your vehicle such as the fuel pump.

This is because the diesel works as a lubricant for the fuel pump as oppose to petrol, which would have the opposite effect and can lead to a chain of problems.

Without the lubrication of the diesel, the metal components can begin to rub together damaging the pump and causing [...]

Sat Navs have become growingly popular over the years and are great little gadgets that make our journeys a lot easier.

However, there are some key tips you should remember when using a Sat Nav to prevent making mistakes or causing hazards.

Before setting off you should always double check the route that it has provided you with. Check that it is taking you to the correct location and that the route is practical and suitable.

Secondly, the position of the Sat Nav is very important. For instance, simply placing it on your lap can instantly add risk to your journey as you have to look down and take your eyes off the road to view it. You may only look away for a second but this is enough time for an accident to occur.

Place it in line of your sight so it is easy to see without causing a distraction to you while [...]

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