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BMW Convertible Roof Repairs

With the weather at an all-time high now is the best time to put the roof down in your convertible!

At Prestige Vehicle Repairs we have recently been receiving an increased number of phone calls regarding convertible roof faults and would like to help you to enjoy the hot weather as much as possible, so here we have provided some common issues that occur.

Here are a just few parts known to fail, causing roof problems with convertibles:

  • Microswitch
  • Roof control module
  • Sensors
  • Hydraulics
  • Roof motor

The Microswitch is a small switch that determines when the hydraulic pump should disengage and this then engages the latch mechanism.

If this switch fails then the roof will not be able to close or open completely.

The hydraulics can stop working if you don’t have enough hydraulic fluid, so if you need to have this fluid topped up why not book an appointment at Prestige?

There are also a number of different sensors that work to make the roof function correctly and if just one of these sensors has a fault then the whole roof can become inoperable.

Our diagnostic equipment can inform us of which sensor or sensors are at fault enabling us to carry out BMW Convertible Roof repairs promptly.

If the motor fails in your convertible it can result in the roof being stuck in either the open or closed position.

In most cars you should be able to manually operate the roof, however if this fault occurs this is only a temporary fix so ensure to get the motor looked at and repaired.

Leaks are also a common problem. A leak in your car could cause the drain holes to block, enabling water to fill up inside the roof motor.

If the drain holes become blocked this means the water that seeps into your car cannot escape back out and this can then affect the motor as it works its way inside causing corrosion.

The damage to the motor will then stop your roof from working correctly and the water can work its way to other components within the car, such as the battery causing further problems throughout the vehicle.

The roof control module can also be damaged through leaks and this does as its name states; it controls the entire process of the roof.

If the roof control module fails, the whole roof will become inoperative.

So if you believe your car has a leak, don’t hesitate to bring it into Prestige Vehicle Repairs to be checked over and the problem diagnosed.

Roof failure can occur for a wide range of different reasons but with our experienced BMW specialist technicians and up to date diagnostic equipment, your car couldn’t be in better hands.

Prestige Vehicle Repairs are always happy to help whenever possible so if you’re experiencing roof problems please get in touch by calling 01708 868864.

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