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Dashboard Warning Lights

As you are well aware, there are a number of different warning lights on the dashboard of your vehicle and over time the number has increased as technology has improved.

However, at Prestige Vehicle Repairs we understand that remembering what each of these lights mean is not as simple as it sounds and so here we have provided a few with some definitions for you:

Brake System Warning Light Warning Light

This light should appear when you apply your handbrake. If it appears when the handbrake is off, then it is possible that the fluid level is running low in your car.

If the fluid level isn’t the problem then it is possible that you have a faulty sensor, which can be easily fixed by one of our experienced technicians. If the light shows and the travel of the brake pedal seems longer than normal, it could be a problem with the hydraulic brake circuits and we therefore advise you to pull over and call for further assistance.

Engine Management Warning Light Warning Light

If this light illuminates as the engine is running, then you should get this checked out as this means there is a malfunction with the engine management system and can be dangerous. If the light flashes as you are driving then you should reduce your speed so that the light remains constant and is no longer flashing.

If it continues to flash then you should find a safe place to stop and get the vehicle checked as soon as possible.

This light usually requires a diagnosis, which we can carry out with our specialist equipment.

Coolant Temperature Warning Light Warning Light

This light is an indication that the temperature is above the normal limit.

You should get this checked as it could be various faults such as a low level of coolant, problems with the radiator cap, leaks or a fault with the fan operation.

Oil Pressure Warning Light Warning Light

If this light appears and stays lit up, it is normally a sign that the oil level is running low and there could be a loss of oil pressure.

You should get the engine oil level checked and topped up straight away if necessary as this could be the problem.

ABS Warning Light Warning Light

The ABS warning light normally suggests that you should get a diagnosis done on the vehicle as there is likely to be a malfunction with the system and a code will appear on our diagnostic equipment indicating what the issue is.

Battery Charge Warning Light Warning Light

When this light shows it normally indicates that the battery is not being charged correctly due to a fault in the charging system causing it not to function properly.

If this light appears on your dashboard you should get your vehicle checked as it could be caused by various different reasons such as the condition of the battery, problems with the alternator belt or the battery terminals.

Fuel Filter Warning Light (diesel engines) Warning Light

The fuel filter warning light normally appears as a result of detected water in the fuel filter or contaminated fuel.

If this has occurred due to the level of water in the fuel filter then you should bring your vehicle in to be checked and drained.

However, if the light is illuminated due to contamination in the fuel, you should find somewhere safe to stop as soon as possible and seek further assistance as this can cause severe damage to your vehicle.

DPF Filter (Diesel Particulate Filter) Warning Light (diesel engines) Warning Light

This light means that the DPF filter may be partially blocked.

This is because the DPF filter carries out a process called ‘regeneration’ in which the filter burns off the soot at a high temperature, triggered by the engine management computer and if this process is not completed it can cause a blockage.

If you notice any of these lights appear on your dashboard, book your car in with Prestige Vehicle Repairs and we can carry out a diagnosis for you to source the cause of the problem. You can check your vehicle’s handbook for an idea of what each light means as some warning lights can be specific to your particular vehicle.

Call 01708 868864 for assistance and Prestige Vehicle Repairs will happily help to get you safely back on the road.

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