Dogs shouldn’t be left in cars during hot weather

We all enjoy the hot weather in the summer but there are some do’s and don’ts we should consider over the next few months, when taking our dogs for a ride in the car.

If you have a pet dog and are going to make a short or long trip, it may not even cross your mind that leaving your dog in the car for just a few minutes in hot weather could potentially put your dog in danger.

Here we have provided a few reasons as to why you shouldn’t leave your dog alone in a hot car.

When you leave your dog in the car it can become extremely overheated, as the hot weather outside increases the temperature within the car rises even higher within minutes; it can even rise by twice the temperature it is outside.

When a dog gets too hot they don’t sweat through their skin as we do, instead, they begin to pant as this regulates their body temperature.

However, in such a small enclosed space, this will not be enough to cool them down due to the lack of fresh air and this is what puts them at risk of dehydration, heatstroke or even worse it could lead to death.

If you think that a dog is suffering from heatstroke, these will be the signs to look out for:

  • Heavy Panting
  • Excessive Salivation
  • Increased Pulse Rate
  • Suddenly Becoming Lethargic
  • Fainting
  • Collapsing
  • Loss of consciousness

You should immediately try to help the dog by removing them from the heat into a cooler environment and encourage them to drink water. You can also bathe them but ensure that the water is not too cold and is instead a cool temperature, as the sudden drop in temperature can be a shock to the system.

Any uncertainty and you should contact the vet for professional advice as soon as possible.

If the dog does not show signs of improving you should take it straight to the vets for further treatment.

Leaving your dog alone in the car parked in the shade is still a health risk even if there is a window open or if you have left it some water.

If you notice a dog in this situation that doesn’t belong to you, you should try to find the owner.

If this fails and you are worried about the dog’s wellbeing you can either contact the police to attend to the vehicle or alternatively, contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

We hope this information is of help to you and we would like to wish you a lovely, hot summer.

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