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Failed Electric Windows

We all appreciate that we no longer have to waste time winding down our windows in the car as most cars now have electronically operated systems.

However, they can develop faults and when they fail it can be extremely frustrating.

Electric windows can become inoperative for various different reasons but here at Prestige Vehicle Repairs we can find the cause, rectify the issue and get you back on the road with a smile on your face and a breeze in your car!

Here are a few common causes of failed electric windows failure:

Within the system that operates the window there is a motor and this turns the regulator which in turn adjusts the window height. If either the motor or regulator fails then you will not be able to move the window up or down so you should get your car booked in for repair to enable the windows to function correctly.

The windows can also fail as a result of a blown fuse. Fuses link the window circuit to the battery in your car and if there is a fault, this fuse will blow to stop electricity flowing through and this is what prevents further damage. However, when the fuse blows you will lose the ability to control any electronic devices sharing the same fuse and all of the windows will become inoperable.

The rubber seal that surrounds the perimeter of the window is known as a gasket. Gaskets are used to prevent the weather outside such as wind, rain or snow from affecting your vehicle inside. They also help to keep the surrounding noises out of your car. Over time gaskets can become worn and the rubber begins to break apart, this may then cause problems with your window. It can force the motor and regulator to work extra hard as the window sticks instead of moving in a smooth motion, which can then lead to other components needing to be replaced. So if you notice the window sticking or moving slower than normal you should consider bringing your car in to have the window gaskets replaced.

There are a number of different wires that make up the electrical system inside your car and if just one of these fails you could begin to notice problems throughout the vehicle, including the windows. Finding where the issue lies with a wiring fault is a very complex and time consuming process so it is highly recommended that you take your vehicle to an experienced technician.

Should you experience any of these problems, contact Prestige Vehicle Repairs to book in your vehicle, call 01708 868864.

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