We all enjoy the hot weather in the summer but there are some do’s and don’ts we should consider over the next few months, when taking our dogs for a ride in the car.

If you have a pet dog and are going to make a short or long trip, it may not even cross your mind that leaving your dog in the car for just a few minutes in hot weather could potentially put your dog in danger.

Here we have provided a few reasons as to why you shouldn’t leave your dog alone in a hot car.

When you leave your dog in the car it can become extremely overheated, as the hot weather outside increases the temperature within the car rises even higher within minutes; it can even rise by twice the temperature it is outside.

When a dog gets too hot they don’t sweat through their skin as we do, instead, [...]

It’s getting to that time of year where everyone is beginning to jet off abroad on their holidays, so here are some tips when driving abroad.

However, some of us prefer to travel in the comfort of our own vehicles and so Prestige Vehicle Repairs have provided you with some top tips to make your journey run as smoothly as possible.

Firstly, it may seem obvious but it is crucial to remember that most other countries drive on the opposite side of the road to us and it can be easy to forget this due to routine.

You need to bare this in mind, in particular when approaching roundabouts. A majority of accidents abroad are caused by driving the wrong way around a roundabout, so ensure that you are alert and focused to lower any risk of putting yourself in danger.

When abroad the speed limits are not always measured in miles per hour but [...]

As you are well aware, there are a number of different warning lights on the dashboard of your vehicle and over time the number has increased as technology has improved.

However, at Prestige Vehicle Repairs we understand that remembering what each of these lights mean is not as simple as it sounds and so here we have provided a few with some definitions for you:

Brake System Warning Light Warning Light

This light should appear when you apply your handbrake. If it appears when the handbrake is off, then it is possible that the fluid level is running low in your car.

If the fluid level isn’t the problem then it is possible that you have a faulty sensor, which can be easily fixed by one of our experienced technicians. If the light shows and the travel of the brake pedal seems longer than normal, it could [...]

On modern day cars, everything is operated by computer, which is great… until it goes wrong!

However, there’s no need to panic because here at Prestige Vehicle Repairs we have the specialist skills and equipment to ensure that this is not an issue.

All vehicles vary in the way they work and some are more complex than others.

The more complex vehicles have more computer operated systems that control a variety of different components in your car, such as:

  • Radio/CD player digital displays
  • Cruise control
  • Air bags
  • Advanced temperature control
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Automatic transmission
  • Alarm system
  • Traction control
  • Gauges

However, most cars have at least one computer and this monitors the engine emissions, working to keep them as low as possible.

This process works by the computer receiving information from a number of various sensors on your vehicle.

The computer then uses this information to make other parts perform better while [...]

Nobody likes discovering that their car is refusing to start, but wouldn’t you like to know how to deal with it if this does occur?

Rest assured, here we have provided a small guide to help you jump start your car safely and correctly.

If you are unsure that it is your battery that has failed, there are a couple of things you can check:

  • If the headlights appear dim then it is most likely your battery is at fault
  • When trying to start the car, if it doesn’t crank or cranks slowly then you more than likely have a dead battery

Jump starting your vehicle can be dangerous if not done properly so if you do believe that the battery is the problem, here are a few hazards you should be aware of before you begin:

  • Damaged Jump Leads – these can easily overheat, which could lead to a fire.
  • Metal [...]

Prestige Vehicle Repairs – Now Offering FREE Brake Checks!

We all know how vital the brakes are on a vehicle so here at Prestige Vehicle Repairs, we are now offering to check the brakes on your car FREE of charge!

As a driver, we all want to feel safe when driving right? Therefore, like every other essential part in your car, the brakes need sufficient maintenance to ensure that your car is as reliable as it should be.

So why not let us provide you with peace of mind knowing that your brakes are safe, reliable and that they are in perfect working condition?

Book in with us today, all you have to do is call 01708 868864 and quote this special offer!

Offer ends 10/06/14

We hope to see you soon.

Prestige Tips On Flat Tyres And Punctures

Flat tyres occur for a number of different reasons but with Prestige Vehicle Repair’s tips, we can help make the situation easier to manage.

Flat tyres and punctures can be caused by potholes, various leaks within the wheels and tyres, speeding over speed bumps and jumping curbs but the most common cause of flat tyres are punctures.

Punctures are usually caused by a sharp object piercing through the wall of the tyre. This then enables the air in the tyre to escape, causing it to deflate.

When you have a puncture it’s not often that you will notice it straight away, in fact, it can remain unnoticed for quite a while.

However, there are some signs to look out for; the most common sign being that you can feel your car pulling to one side whilst driving.

If you do notice a puncture whilst driving, you should indicate [...]

Signs Of A Failed Fuel Injector

At Prestige Vehicle Repairs, we have dealt with many cars with fuel injector problems.

In your car the fuel injector is located in the intake manifold or the cylinder head. Fuel injectors take fuel supplied by the fuel pump and turn this into pressurised fuel. It is then sprayed into the cylinders, creating an air fuel mixture, which enables the engine to burn the fuel easier.

Here we have provided some signs to look out for, which will indicate that you may need to have the fuel injectors removed.

Firstly, a term that is often used:
Your car is ‘misfiring’. This is when your car isn’t running how it should and you can feel that it is lacking power. When an injector gets clogged up it may stop supplying the engine with the fuel at the time it’s needed and this is what can cause the engine to [...]

Preventing a Breakdown

At Prestige Vehicle Repairs we like to help you as much as we can and so here we have provided some information we hope will lower your chances of breaking down on the roadside.

In your car there are a number of components that all work together to get you from A to B. However, when just one of these parts fail, it can cause problems with a number of others so it is best to get them checked out before you get caught out.

There are different belts and a cooling system, which help to ensure your car’s engine works correctly. If these were to fail in your car, you could be left at the roadside.

The cooling system is made up of several components which include a number of different hoses. These hoses are designed to withstand heat, pressure, vibration and the chemicals found within the cooling system. They connect [...]

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