Now that the weather is getting warmer, it would be the perfect time to pay a visit to Prestige Vehicle Repairs to get your cooling system checked over.

The cooling system plays an essential role in keeping your vehicle running as it should and so it is vital to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

Bring your car to Prestige Vehicle Repairs and we will check that there is a sufficient level of water and anti-freeze in your vehicle and top them up if necessary.

The anti-freeze is a chemical that combines with the water to create a much lower freezing point and much higher boiling point, helping to prevent any overheating or damage to vital car components. It also protects the engine and radiator from corroding or becoming rusty.

Checking the level of anti-freeze is essential for your car. If it is running low you could be running the risk of your vehicle overheating. [...]

At Prestige Vehicle Repairs, a question we are often asked is “what is the difference between the interim service and the full service?” Here we have provided information as to what each service involves and why you should ensure to book your car in for them.

Interim service includes:

  • Oil check and oil filter replacement
  • Fluid level condition check and top up – brake fluid, anti-freeze coolant, windscreen wash and power steering fluid
  • All lights checked, including headlight flasher and hazard warning system
  • Check horn
  • Windscreen wipers checked
  • Check battery and charge if necessary
  • Check condition of exhaust
  • Check heater blower
  • Check all tyres, including spare – tread depth, wear pattern, external condition and inflation pressure
  • Initialising Run Flat Indicator (if applicable)
  • All brakes checked for leaks, damage and correct position, including handbrake travel (adjust if necessary)
  • Steering check for play, leaks, damage and wear (and if fitted, check steering oil reservoir and oil [...]

Book in your vehicle to be checked by a Prestige Vehicle Repairs mechanic as soon as possible if

• you feel or hear knocking or rattling from the steering or suspension
• there is a lot of ‘play’ in the steering wheel (i.e. you can move the steering wheel from side to side without the wheels moving from side to side)
• the steering begins to feel heavy (i.e. it needs a lot of effort to turn the wheel)
• the brakes feel spongy or slack.

Check your brakes, including your parking brake, are working whenever you set out on a journey.

The sky’s finally beginning to show signs of letting the sun show its face, spring’s finally here and we want to help you with small tips to maintain your car for the next upcoming months.

First of all, if you’ve still got winter tyres on your car then it’s a good idea to get them changed over as the weather begins to improve. Also, the wheel alignment may have been thrown out of place due to the horrible conditions we’ve had to suffer this winter so you should consider having them realigned, which we would be happy to help with.

You may also want to bring your car down to Prestige Vehicle Repairs so we can check your air filter for you, as we’ve had so much rain this winter and this can cause the water from the road to get sucked up into the engine’s air intake, which could cause a block in the [...]

Prestige Vehicle Repairs are now offering a FREE Air Conditioning Re-gas, when you book your car in for a full service with us within the next month (offer ends 21st April, 2014).

Having a full service on your car will ensure that it is running to it’s optimum efficiency.

The Air Conditioning Re-gas is an added bonus as it looks like we may finally get a break from this cold weather. As the warmer weather gradually approaches, you may want to start using the air conditioning in your car.

However, if you haven’t had the air conditioning checked, now would be a good time to do so, as it may need a re-gas. This will ensure that not only will the air conditioning be more efficient, it will reduce the strain on the engine and decrease the amount of fuel you are using.

We will do this for FREE when you book your car [...]

Why You Should Bring Your Car To Prestige Vehicle Repairs?

Here at Prestige Vehicle Repairs, we like to provide customers with a service that lives up to the name.

A comment frequently made by our customers is how different we are compared to your average garage.

So why should you choose us?

We take pride in maintaining a clean and modern garage with a friendly atmosphere, keeping our customers satisfied.

As you wait in our customer lounge you won’t feel like you are sitting in a typical greasy car garage, we try to make you as comfortable as possible with our complementary drinks, TV, magazines and spacious seating area.

Some customers like to make the most of their wait at Prestige Vehicle Repairs and with our available FREE Wi Fi we can make this easier for you. Maybe you have work to do or just fancy passing some time, simply ask at reception.

We [...]

Preparing for a long road trip? Regardless of your destination, you know your car will be put to the test.

Here we have provided some helpful steps you can take to prepare your vehicle for the journey ahead:

• Inspect your tyres.
Do you have enough tread on each tire? How is the tyre pressure? If there is something wrong with even one tyre it could cause disaster during your road trip. From a blowout to a flat tyre, you are taking a big risk and could put yourself in possible danger.

• Check the fluids.
Checking the oil, coolant, brake, and wiper fluids can help you avoid any unnecessary maintenance issues. Pop in and we can check them over for you and top up any fluids that are running low if you are unsure of how to do this yourself.

• Are your brakes in good condition?
While every aspect of [...]

Prestige Vehicle Repairs advice for checking your car battery

Want to lower your chances of being left stranded in this miserable cold weather? Here we have provided a few tips to check your car battery is working how it should to reduce your chances of breaking down.

You can determine problems with the battery yourself by following a few of our tips:

1) Have a look at the battery to check for stains or signs of corrosion as you may have a leak

2) Check the terminals are clear of any buildup as this could keep your car from starting up

3) If you do find buildup you can clean this with some baking soda, a toothbrush and water. Then simply scrub the baking soda into the terminal posts and dry off with a clean cloth or rag (ensure you wear gloves) – Applying petroleum jelly to the terminals can slow down the process of [...]

Here at Prestige Vehicle Repairs, we like to maintain customer satisfaction and help our customers whenever we can.

If you are travelling to us by train, we are able to arrange a pick up service from the station. Simply contact us and make the request.

Also, if you would like to keep yourself busy while waiting for your car to be repaired, we can provide you with a drop off and pick up service to the local shopping centre.

Maybe you are bringing the kids along with you? If so, we cater for them too! We have a train set to keep them entertained and provide them with free fruit juice.

Tyre safety

When did you last check the tyres on your vehicle? Research shows that most tyres are either under inflated or worn below the legal limit of 1.6mm
We have detailed below some useful information to assist you in checking your tyres to ensure you maintain the safe and smooth running of your vehicle. Ideally, you should check your tyres every two weeks or before a long journey.
For further information please refer to your vehicle owner’s handbook or come and discuss it with us.

Tyre pressures

It is vitally important that you regularly check the condition of your tyres and make sure that the tyre pressures are set to the correct level. We recommend that you check your tyres at least twice a month or before any long journey as incorrect tyre pressures could cause irregular wear patterns, over inflated tyres tend to wear heavily in the centre of the [...]

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