Prestige Vehicle Repairs Hints & Tips – Tyre Care

Tyre safety

When did you last check the tyres on your vehicle? Research shows that most tyres are either under inflated or worn below the legal limit of 1.6mm
We have detailed below some useful information to assist you in checking your tyres to ensure you maintain the safe and smooth running of your vehicle. Ideally, you should check your tyres every two weeks or before a long journey.
For further information please refer to your vehicle owner’s handbook or come and discuss it with us.

Tyre pressures

It is vitally important that you regularly check the condition of your tyres and make sure that the tyre pressures are set to the correct level. We recommend that you check your tyres at least twice a month or before any long journey as incorrect tyre pressures could cause irregular wear patterns, over inflated tyres tend to wear heavily in the centre of the tyre and under inflated tyres tend to wear the shoulders more.
Once you have checked your tyre pressures, you may also need to reinitialise your Tyre Pressure Warning System (depending on the age and specification of your vehicle). Please check your owner’s handbook for information on how to reset this device or contact us for advice.

Tyre damage

It is important for you to check the condition of your tyres regularly as any damage, foreign bodies, unusual tyre wear and sufficient tyre tread depth will all affect the ride quality and safety of your vehicle.
Pay particular attention to the sidewalls of your tyres and look for any bulges or cuts in them; this could be the result of kerb or pothole damage. You should also check to make sure that there are no signs of cracks appearing, which are a sign of ageing.

Tread depth

You should also check the tread depth of your tyres; the minimum legal limit is 1.6mm across the middle 75% of the tyre at any point.
Tyre wear indicators are located in the base of the tyre tread groove and act as minimum wear indicators. Once the tyre tread has worn down to these indicators, which are set at 1.6mm, your tyres are illegal.
We recommend that you change your tyres when they reach 3mm tread depth, as tyres below the 3mm recommendation are worn by up to 78% and will greatly affect the overall braking and cornering performance of your vehicle.
Tyres below a tread depth of 3mm are also affected by an increased risk of Aquaplaning when driving on wet roads. This is when a wedge of water is formed between the road and the tyre and means that the tyre loses contact completely with the road surface, so that neither the car’s steering nor brakes can be properly applied.

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