Prestige Vehicle Repairs preparing you for spring

The sky’s finally beginning to show signs of letting the sun show its face, spring’s finally here and we want to help you with small tips to maintain your car for the next upcoming months.

First of all, if you’ve still got winter tyres on your car then it’s a good idea to get them changed over as the weather begins to improve. Also, the wheel alignment may have been thrown out of place due to the horrible conditions we’ve had to suffer this winter so you should consider having them realigned, which we would be happy to help with.

You may also want to bring your car down to Prestige Vehicle Repairs so we can check your air filter for you, as we’ve had so much rain this winter and this can cause the water from the road to get sucked up into the engine’s air intake, which could cause a block in the filter. If this happens the car could lack in performance and power. The air flow could additionally become restricted and this can cause the engine to stall. If it’s not corrected it could in fact begin to burn valves, cause sensors to work incorrectly and possibly clog the catalytic converter if the car begins to run too rich (too much fuel and less air). The reduced air flow to the engine can consume a lot more fuel meaning your car will do a lot less miles than you’re used to.

You may also wish to consider bringing your car into us to be checked to see if the oil needs changing. At Prestige we know that oil is one of the most important components of your car and we will only recommend using manufacturer oil of which our chosen supplier is Castrol. An oil change will help keep moving parts lubricated but the clean oil also helps to pick up dirt and various impurities throughout the engine.

Lastly, a simple but effective maintenance tip… get your car cleaned. Not only does this make your car look good for the spring, but also removes any dirt from the car such as gravel and salt, which can cause corrosion. Be sure to pay extra attention to the underneath of your car as there are vital parts that you don’t want to damage.

If you need anything checked or require further advice, either pay us a visit or give us a call 01708 868 864. We’re always happy to help!

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