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Tips On Flat Tyres And Punctures

Prestige Tips On Flat Tyres And Punctures

Flat tyres occur for a number of different reasons but with Prestige Vehicle Repair’s tips, we can help make the situation easier to manage.

Flat tyres and punctures can be caused by potholes, various leaks within the wheels and tyres, speeding over speed bumps and jumping curbs but the most common cause of flat tyres are punctures.

Punctures are usually caused by a sharp object piercing through the wall of the tyre. This then enables the air in the tyre to escape, causing it to deflate.

When you have a puncture it’s not often that you will notice it straight away, in fact, it can remain unnoticed for quite a while.

However, there are some signs to look out for; the most common sign being that you can feel your car pulling to one side whilst driving.

If you do notice a puncture whilst driving, you should indicate and pull over when safe and suitable to do so. You can then change the wheel before driving to get a repair (note that not all punctures are repairable though.) If you continue to drive on the puncture you will risk danger to yourself and can cause further damage to the wheel.

Driving at speed when a puncture occurs is a different scenario and requires caution as it could cause a blowout. If you are unfortunate enough to be caught out on the motorway, you should avoid applying the brakes as you can easily lose control of the car.

Instead, you should put the hazard lights on to raise awareness to other road users. Avoid releasing your foot suddenly from the accelerator as this can also cause you to lose control. Try to tap the accelerator gently and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel whilst reducing speed slowly using the gears. You should safely come to a stop on the hard shoulder and apply your handbrake when stationary.

Punctures may be unavoidable but flat tyres caused by leaks and wear and tear can be prevented with sufficient maintenance.

So, if you are unsure or you are aware that there is an issue with the wheel’s or tyres on your vehicle, why not call Prestige Vehicle Repairs for advice?

You can also bring your car in to be checked over by one of our experienced technicians and put your mind at ease that your tyres and wheels are all in good condition, call us on 01708 868864.

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