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Used car warranty cover

New cars come with manufacturer warranties that protect you if the car develops a fault, but if you’re buying a used car you may be offered a warranty for peace of mind.

Some used car dealers may offer their own warranties by default, others may charge for a warranty or encourage you to take out a specific third-party warranty, while newer second-hand cars may
come with the remainder of a manufacturer warranty.

The length and cover of the used car warranty varies enormously.

We cannot recommend enough the need to read the terms and conditions of any used car warranty before purchasing. The reason for this is that each policy varies, some may be straightforward, but others may contain all sorts of exclusions that will stop you from making a claim if a specific fault develops on your car.

Used car warranties do not normally cover ‘wear and tear’ items. Examples of such items include brake pads and discs, wiper blades, tyres, and other parts that wear over time as part of normal driving conditions. Also, most warranty terms and conditions will require you to get the car serviced in-line with manufacturer recommendations.

At Prestige Vehicle Repairs, we undertake all types of warranty repairs and deal directly with warranty companies on your behalf from start to finish. If you have a problem with your car and wish to
make a claim on your warranty, call us on 01708 868864.

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