Diagnosis and Programming

A modern vehicle has numerous electronic systems that are controlled by individual computers. These computers may also be connected to each other by wiring that connects one or more electronic systems.

Should a fault occur with any of these electronic systems we have the same level of expertise and the latest up to date diagnostic and programming equipment, which enables us to provide a dealer-level computer software solution.

Prestige offer a full fault code read and reset, full component activation, ECU coding and programming, real time reading of dynamic data and vehicle personalisation. Combined with our experienced technicians, this ensures we are more than capable of dealing with any problems that may occur with your vehicle.

Our technicians can deal with the most complex electrical faults, we first diagnose the problem with your vehicle and then provide you with a competitive quote to undertake the work.

We are able to provide coding and programming of all control units, engine and immobilizer alignment, car key memory options, clearing adaption values, adjustment of engine control units, full accessory fitting and component activation, reading and resetting of fault codes and full live data.

Our software reprogramming capabilities will also allow us to fit aftermarket components and retrofit, extras such as iPod dock, Bluetooth connectivity etc, can be done with all the correct programming.

Contact us or call in to Prestige for diagnostics and an accurate coding and programming solution.

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