Panoramic Roof Repairs

Has your panoramic sunroof failed, or partially failed?

BMW Panoramic sunroof failings are a very common fault and unfortunately the majority of the time the sunroof is often unnecessarily replaced completely. This is because not all Vehicle Technicians have the experience in dealing with the complicated mechanisms involved with the make up of the roof.

When the panes of glass are jammed open and out of sync, they will stay stuck in the tilt position and not lower correctly. Quite often one side will jam open and the other will try to lower, or even the rear glass will lock up and the front will try to lower.


Prestige Technicians have years of experience with these roofs, and can often restore function of the front glass if not both. The panoramic roof can cost £2000 for a replacement cassette alone, so why bother replacing this when we can repair your present one and restore nearly all roof functions if not all.

Many competitors will recommend that you go to a main dealer for this kind of repair as it is beyond their ability. The main dealer will recommend complete replacement, but this is unnecessary.

If you have this problem and want it resolved by Prestige, then call us today and let us restore your sunroof. In rare cases if we assess the roof and feel that it is beyond repair then we will inform you immediately. Prestige Technicians are more than capable of fixing this type of problem no matter how bad it appears.

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